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Earl’s has saved us so much time and money.  We always receive the highest quality work and the best value.  Earl’s has worked with us during countless repairs on three different vehicles.  Their recommendations have saved us from faulty equipment, bad part suppliers, dishonest shops, and provided us with an experience we trust.  I do and will continue to recommend them to family and friends! 

-Dennis 07/2010

We have been going to Earl’s for about 5 years. We have 4 older cars (each of us and 2 teenage sons). Earl’s has kept them all running well and at a great price. Earl’s Owner, Chris Tatro, is a man of great integrity, skill and honesty. Unlike what you find at many shops, Earl’s has never recommended any work that was not necessary. One of our cars was in a big accident and was totaled. Chris rebuilt it, and you would never know if was was damaged. Having older cars with lots of major maintenance issues, we have had some sizable repair bills, but when compared to other shops, the price at Earl’s is always significantly less. He takes care of us like we are valued customers and fixes our cars like his own family would be riding in them. We always leave feeling safe and genuinely cared for. We no longer consider going anywhere else and we have no anxieties about car repairs.

Thanks Earl’s!! -Ben and Joanna’ – 10/2010

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  1. oliverkao Says:

    I went in for “check engine light” light bulb replacement. Chris worked on it himself. First he called around trying to get a new one which was unsuccessful. Then he replaced it with a good one from an uncritical signal slot. It didn’t work either. He concluded that the circuit board was bad and need to be replaced. He showed me the marks on the board which apparently caused by someone worked on the board before. Luckily he was able to find a board from junk yard which cost only $45. He quickly sent his guy to get it and put on to my car. He charged $85 in total.
    Overall, he is very sincere, honest and respectful. I am very glad from now on, trust-able hands will be working on my car.

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